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Start your own robotic coffeeshop.

Or give us access to the best location in your city.


What is Smart Coffeeshop?

It's a coffeeshop of the 21st century 

where coffee is autonomously prepared and served by a tech-enabled robotic-barista, using the latest coffee equipment, premium ingredients and sophisticated software.

All that provides users with unique experience, and great consistence coffee.


Why Robotics?

Robot allows to ensure repeatability and consistency in every cup. We use a Q-Grader human barista to make the right settings initially and the robot keeps following the recipes without a single violation making minor adjustments automatically throughout the day.  


Value for Customer

A customer gets his ideal cup of coffee every time everywhere fast and easy. 

No spoilt experience, no wasted time. 

Only coffee. Great coffee the way you like. 

Smart Coffeeshop Formats


COFFEE-2-GO Format

55 sq feet, fully autonomous, no drainage or water supply needed, coffee drinks only

photo_2022-12-29 13.14.45.jpeg


350 sq feet, 10 persons sitting capacity, human shop assistant, food extra sales

Smart Coffeeshop Overview

Current Smart Coffeeshops 
sales statistics


120-250 cups a day / per location

(watch video)

Screenshot at Jan 31 10-41-20.png

Robotic Barista in Dubai 

In March 2023 we delivered the first robotic barista in Dubai.

We welcome partners at our Showroom in Sports City

Who we are? 

Click Coffee is the international chain of Smart Robotic Coffeeshops . First UAE branch opened at the headquaters of the telecommunications giant Etisalat in Dubai.


Meet the Team

Our team comprises of 65 professionals in Coffee, Robotics, IT, Engineering, Operations, Business and Marketing. 


Click Coffee Franchise

Our concept is available as a franchise in MENA region. We are seeking entrepreneurs who have access to premium locations and share our values and aim: 


to be #1 high high quality mass chain

in Middle East . 

Our partners can expect high ROI and close to zero operational involvement, high tech product and great full-time support. 


Franchise includes

  1. Click Coffee brand name

  2. Robotic barista hardware delivery and set up

  3. Robotic barista software launch

  4. Regular ingredients supply

  5. Daily maintenance

  6. Pricing positioning (Middle Up+)

  7. Local marketing strategy

  8. Online loyalty programs (fully automatic)

  9. 24/7/365 customer support (English / Arabic)

  10. Equipment warranty (1 year)


Need more
financial details? 



It's a franchise. 


You can track previous results.


It's robotics. 

Your business doesn't depend on humans.


It's coffee.

It's a 44 Bln$ market with 4,5% CAGR


Contact Us

Share your details and we will contact you shortly to discuss your inquiry


Thanks for contacting us! We will get back to you shortly.


  • Can I use my own coffee?
    Nope! We do care about quality and taste. Taste and consistency is our key priority. Thus we will make sure you always have our premium ingredients delivered and loaded (100% Arabica 80+ grades, Hayatna/Alpro/Oatly milk, Monin syrups).
  • Can I buy equipment and use my brand?
    Oh, guys, it's the most common question we face. Click Coffee is a franchise. It's available under this brand name only (unless you want to place an order for 1,000 pieces with 100% upfront payment ;).
  • What's the difference between you and self service vending machines?
    Everything. Quality of equipment. We do use Eversys e4m. It's the most advanced and sophisticated coffee machine in the market. It alone costs 28k Euro. And it plays the vital role in consistency and repeatability Quality of ingredients. Only premium stuff, only hardcore (00% Arabica with 80+ score, Haytna/Alpro/Oatly milk, Monin syrup). Drinks selection: featuring up to 10 types of milks and sryps Mobile application: remote orders, reviews, comments, data-based recommendations, drink customization, etc.) Overall user-experience: you are not making, but being served by the latest technology. B2B: it's a ready made business with all the required elements (remote control, ability to process high traffic, conversion and retention tools, etc.)
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